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Why every business owner should take a look at cyber insurance

Even if you're not required to carry cyber insurance, it's a good idea to consider it as part of your overall risk management strategy

risk management strategy Whether it’s a small mom and pop retail store or a mutli-national corporation, cyber insurance can give businesses peace of mind when it comes to mitigating cyber-related risks. If a business suffers a data breach, having cyber insurance in place helps reduce the financial and reputational impact that can result. Insurance Professionals of Arizona have been ahead of the curve on cyber insurance, and can confidently help you find the cyber insurance policy that gives you the protection you need within your budget. Our IPA agents will go into detail on every policy option available, as well as how those policies work should a data breach, ransomware attack, or other security hack occur. When looking at the various types of cyber insurance policies, business owners should consider what type of coverage is best suited for their particular needs. As part of any risk management strategy, cyber insurance can provide an important line of defense against attack vectors like malware or ransomware. For businesses that store sensitive customer data like credit cards or other personal information, cyber insurance should be seriously considered – even if they’re not required to do so by law or contractual obligation.
If you are looking for more information, our Founder, wrote a bestselling book on Cyber Threats Uncovered: Protecting Your Business in a Digital World